Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association

RMCLA will pursue civil liberties issues with a clear public interest

We are a voice for civil liberties issues in Alberta

RMCLA's Focus

There are three areas of interest that we are currently addressing:

If you have questions about any of these issues, please email:

For Legal Help, Please Contact your Lawyer. If you cannot afford a Lawyer, please contact the link below.

Legal Aid Alberta

Becoming a Volunteer: We welcome all people to become involved in advocating for civil liberties. For those without civil liberties experience, it is suggest that volunteering with RMCLA occurs for a while to ensure familiarity with RMCLA policies, how civil liberites policy development occurs, various laws associated with civil liberties, and limitations to civil liberties policy development. Joining a policy committee is an excellent way to begin with RMCLA. We welcome your application to volunteer at:


Advancing Fundamental Human Rights and Civil Liberties in Alberta
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